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Router-based Firewall

Colt Router-based Firewall is a managed service that delivers firewall functionality from an existing Colt managed IP router, providing a cost-effective perimeter security solution for smaller sites.

A router-based firewall provides stateful packet filtering by IP address and port number, protecting against IP address spoofing and screening the protected networks. Basic logging is supported as well as configuration of a demilitarised zone (DMZ), where customer-facing servers traditionally reside.
Router-based Firewall is a fully managed service and includes the following:

  • Hardware break/fix
  • Software updates
  • Additions and changes
  • Security event response
  • Log file retention


  • Save costs: enable business-grade security at small/branch sites without the need for investment in additional hardware.
  • Reduce the complexity of your small/branch site security solutions
  • Reduce burden on in-house IT skills: the Router-based Firewall service is fully-managed by Colt, leaving your in-house resource free to focus on your larger sites or other requirements.

Technical Overview

Colt Router-based Firewall enables customers to manage access rules and regulate the flow of traffic between their corporate network, web servers and the Internet. Traffic flows are programmed from different sides: traffic from the internal (trusted) network travels freely and Internet traffic is either blocked or heavily filtered.
The internal area between the LAN and Internet where web servers are usually located is called a demilitarised zone (DMZ). Traffic here is normally blocked or heavily filtered except for access between Internet applications and specified servers; or example, html access to a web server.

Customers specify an initial configuration which Colt implements and manages. Any subsequent rule set changes can be requested through the normal modification process.
For example, it is possible to choose one of the two following configurations for outbound (internal to Internet) traffic:

  • Traffic is allowed from all sources to all destinations
  • All traffic is blocked except from set proxy addresses (for example, web proxy, Voice over IP [VoIP] call agent)


Security functions and addressing – Colt Router-based Firewall provides configuration options for an Access Control list and Reflexive Access lists.

Addressing options – The service supports up to eight public addresses. Static and dynamic network address translation (NAT) is supported.

Log file retention and retrieval – Customers can view the log file for events data for the last eight days through a secure portal on a rolling eight day basis. This data can also be downloaded as a comma separated variable (CSV) file.