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Modular Data Center

New innovative approach that delivers data centre capacity

Our new Modular Data Centres are manufactured in approved facilities using modern production line techniques geared to providing high quality and high specification data centre halls. The Colt Modular Data Centres are available in upwards of 500m2 ‘building blocks’ and are fully built and staged at the factory using high-quality, standardised components before being delivered. You can choose to place them in one of our major data centres where they can be operated and managed by Colt. Alternatively, you can locate them at a site of your choice, where Colt will undertake to install and commission the data centre, delivering a finished product ready to install equipment.

It’s a radical new approach that reduces the cost of the data centre build-out, saves on total running costs, and delivers quality because we only use standard, highest-quality off-the-shelf components that are tried and tested. Most importantly, you get the capacity you need quickly: we can deliver a new data centre in less than four months.

The 500m2 data centre modules can be joined with adjacent modules to expand the size of the data centre to meet your capacity needs.  You can also double-stack the data centre modules to make the most of the ground space you have available, where space is at a premium.


Innovative Production – Swift Delivery

The factories in which we manufacture our Modular Data Centres have been chosen very carefully. We only work with those who have proven expertise in fields such as steel construction, data centre build expertise and other skills necessary to guarantee quality. We have ensured that there is an efficient supply-chain in place to enable components to be sourced quickly and cost-effectively for the production lines. The modular data centre, and the entire infrastructure it needs, is pre-assembled and pre-staged so as to reduce the need for on-site integration so you can be sure that it suits your needs before it even leaves the factory.


Technical Specifications

Although available in a number of specifications and with different fit-out options, the base offering of the modular data centre is manufactured to the following specifications:


  • Minimum Power density of 1,500W/m2 delivering 750kW of power per modular data centre (additional power configurations are available)
  • Fully automatic 850kVA generators at N+N redundancy
  • UPSs configured to N+N
  • 2 x 2MVA transformers
  • System availability measurement of 99.999% per annum


  • Each modular data centre has 12 Room Cooling Units capable of rejecting 750kW of heat in an N+2 configuration
  • Fresh air cooling system, with DX backup
  • Temperature kept at 24°C ± 3°C within sensor tolerance
  • Humidity level 50% ± 20% RH within sensor tolerance
  • Typically over 300 days operation per year on ‘fans only’ at 24°C

Fire control

  • High speed, Very Early Smoke Detection Alarms (VESDA) with three stage detection system (in accordance with BS6266):
  • High Sensitivity Smoke Detection in all areas, above and below floor and ceiling
  • Addressable analogue alarm system with double knock condition to initiate gas release
  • Constant pressure Pro-inert gas suppression system within technical space


  • Diverse cable routing through separate entry points into the modular data centre
  • Security
  • Borer “Fusion” electronic access control system with smart card readers for greater resilience
  • High quality, high definition mini dome CCTV cameras with onboard Infra Red LED lighting allowing surveillance in light or dark conditions

We have produced technical data sheets that cover the modular data centres.