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Internet Access that’s effortless, seamless, and completely flexible – anywhere.

It’s already a cliché: without the Internet none of us would be able to do business. The point is not should you use it, or even how, but can you guarantee your people access wherever they are – effortlessly?

Colt’s IP Dial gives you that certainty. It’s been designed to deliver easy remote access through a range of technologies. And that’s important: you don’t want to restrict your people when they’re out on the road; IP Dial enables them to use a wide range of technologies to get working.

Colt’s challenge was to create a product that opened up wireless broadband at more than 75,000 wireless hotspots around the world, wired broadband, analogue and ISDN pathways, and, of course, mobile devices, in more than 160 countries.

IP Dial opens them all, and enables your people to become more productive on the move because they can dial in, use the web securely and with confidence.

Not only that, because IP Dial is a desktop client it’s a vital part of your IP VPN and it’s very easy to set up and use. We give you the software that has a vast list of dial-up numbers, both freephone and local rate, and all the locations where broadband connectivity is available. Each time a user dials in the list is automatically updated. So, it’s easy to administer, all users are authenticated (by us, or your own system) and the cost of running IP DIAL is very low.

Technical Overview

Opening up a secure world of effortless Internet access

Colt IP Dial ensures that your IP VPN is open to all your people wherever they are. It’s an easy to use and reliable software client that, from the start, gives you a global infrastructure at a fraction of the cost of the more complicated solutions.

IP DIAL is inexpensive to install and run, and because it’s a software solution there are no maintenance costs to worry about, no staff training needed, and administrator and user interfaces are easy to use. All you have to do is load the software clients, authenticate the user via the Colt web portal, and they’re connected.

Your people benefit from worldwide Internet access and can access the web from all available technologies, from wireless broadband at wireless hotspots, to wired broadband using an Ethernet port, as well as analogue, ISDN, and mobile devices. Colt manages it all so that the solution delivers simplicity where it counts: with your end users. And you’ll get just one central bill for all your users.

At the heart of IP Dial is a robust authentication process. You can add or delete users with a few clicks of a mouse, and use Colt’s own RADIUS servers and a web based interface to carry out authentication. If you have your own server then we can proxy requests on your behalf. A variety of anti-fraud features provide protection for business critical information and applications.