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Managed Hosted Firewall

Firewalls are a core component of an overall network and information security strategy and architecture. With the 24×7 management and support of Colt network infrastructure, and 24×7 monitoring, analysis and resolution of alarms and warnings generated by Colt monitoring tools – Colt Managed Hosted Firewall helps:

– Protect critical networks and application services from being compromised
– Prevent intrusions from hackers, viruses, worms, and other web-borne threats

Managed Hosted Firewall is provided as an additional service when you take other Colt Managed Services in Colt Data Centres. The service comprises installation, operation and maintenance of dedicated firewall hardware, software and policies, and round-the-clock management and monitoring by the Colt Security Operations Centre (SOC).
The Colt SOC proactively responds to new threats, and draws on the vast security expertise accumulated by its Security Threat Intelligence programme, in order to secure our customers’ business communications infrastructure.

The key benefits of Colt Managed Hosted Firewall include the following:

  • Provides best-of-breed solutions that continually evolve with advances in technology to combat increasingly sophisticated threats
  • Deliver reduced total cost of ownership of your security solution and provide you with the security expertise and professional processes you may lack in house
  • Full lifecycle management ensures high customer service at every stage
  • Offers service level agreements (SLAs) that match our customers’ business requirements

Technical Overview

Colt offers the Managed Hosted Firewall service as a dedicated platform for each customer instance. We use a dedicated, secure network for operational management of our customers’ firewalls in each of our Data Centres.

Colt supports multiple firewall manufacturers. If we are hosting an application for you whose availability is a concern under any form of failure condition, we recommend redundant-pair firewall configuration. For mission critical applications, we design your infrastructure with a multi-layered firewall set up to maximise your network perimeter security. On certain firewalls, we also support deep inspection which adds signature based intrusion protection by identifying and blocking at the transport layer and thus extending the protection provided by the firewall.

Colt Managed Hosted Firewall offers the following standard features:

  • Network-level filtering (protocol, port, address filtering)
  • Stateful packet inspection
  • Deep packet inspection
  • Protocol Anomaly
  • DMZ support
  • Network and port address translation
  • Protection against network address spoofing
  • IP rules setup
  • Change management of firewall rules
  • Patch and release management
  • Rollback to a previous configuration on request
  • Online performance reporting of the firewall device
  • Centralised log storage and retention