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The best coverage and the most connections

The best way to achieve competitive advantage is to work with a supplier that has both a strong market position and the geographic reach to enable you to serve your customers.

Colt Wholesale offers you that edge because we have superb European infrastructures, with a presence in 13 countries, 34 major cities, and over 18 data centres as well as many switches right across the continent. And it’s all connected seamlessly by our wholly owned and managed fibre optic network.

We also offer a great range of interconnections – over 400 in fact – and we work with ALL the European PTTs, most mobile operators, and many alternative operators, city carriers, cable companies, and international carriers and service providers.

It is no surprise then that we switch more than 33 billion minutes each and every year – and we have created a dedicated voice trading team that can buy and sell minutes so you get the best price. You can be sure that you will be able to offer your customer quality routes at competitive rates to anywhere in the world: all you have got to do is tell us where your traffic needs to be routed, and we will work out the deal very quickly.

Take advantage of Colt’s unique position so you can make the most of your business.

Technical Overview

Quality, certainty and the power to deliver.

Colt’s reputation in the wholesale carrier voice market is envied: it is based on our unique geographic reach across Europe and our ability to offer the best range of connections available.

We offer direct interconnects with all the major European PTTs as well as other operators in Europe, from mobile to alternative operators, city carriers, cable companies, and international carriers and service providers. We have more than 400 interconnections so you can be sure that wherever you need to make a connection, we can make it happen. And we do it quickly: our clients really like our short delivery times and they also appreciate the technical excellence of our fibre optic network through which we switch more than 33 billion minutes a year.

Price is important – and we have a dedicated trading team that ensures you get competitive rates – but we also work hard to ensure you get the optimum quality possible on every route, and offer a wide range of routing options. Call quality and routing is excellent and CLI transmission is guaranteed on your specified routes.

We know just how vital your voice business is to your customers so we provide you with highly professional and experienced support – locally and in your language – and standardised fault management processes so you can be sure that you never let any customer down. Our helpdesk is open 24/7 so you can report a fault if and when it occurs.