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Automated – Reservationless

With your ‘extended enterprise’ now encompassing staff, contractors, customers, suppliers and other third-parties around the world, you need a more reliable and cost-effective communication and collaboration tool.

The Colt Conferencing service addresses that need by providing integrated audio and web conferencing via any web browser plus a fixed or mobile phone. Accessible from any location and easy to set up, this fully automated service further enhances collaborative working by offering 24/7 availability, with no need to make a reservation or involve an operator.

The clear, usage-based pricing structure ensures you only pay for the times you use the service, and means you don’t have to invest in more traditional conferencing equipment that can often remain under-used for long periods. By enabling your dispersed in-house teams and external colleagues to collaborate effectively, Colt Conferencing also helps reduce the outgoings that traditionally outweigh telecommunications, such as travel and accommodation.

You can make your meetings easier to follow by using the web link to share your files or desktop applications, edit or approve business documents on the spot, and use the chat function to exchange views or gather feedback.

As a conference organiser, you have complete control over who takes part in your calls and a choice of six languages for the audio and web-based interface. For your security, this robust conferencing tool uses SSL encryption. Service quality is assured thanks to the combination of Colt’s pan-European fibre optic network and the best-of-breed technology from Genesys.

The Colt Conferencing service is available for trial purposes.

Events – Operator Assisted

Whether your audience is a dozen executives, investors and analysts or a 2500 member sales force, Colt Conferencing Event services brings everyone together in one seamlessly planned, managed and executed event. Reservations are made online, and you can add extra features, like Q&A, recording or a slide show, to ensure you get everything you need from your call. At the time of your conference, participants dial a local or toll-free number and are greeted by an operator who places them into your meeting.

Technical Overview

Colt Conferencing combines audio and web conferencing into a single, high quality service that’s secure and yet simple to operate.

All you need is a web browser and phone connection to allow your colleagues and external partners to meet anytime, anywhere. Fully automated, Colt Conferencing involves no operator or reservations system and is available all day, every day.

Combining Colt’s own high quality network with market-leading telecommunications technology from Genesys, Colt Conferencing delivers a robust and secure SSL-encrypted service that’s backed up by a stringent SLA. The service takes advantage of Colt’s pan-European fibre optic network by offering conference meeting rooms across 11 countries, and also provides its web interface, audio announcements and help-desk services in six different languages.

The pricing structure is attractive and easy to track too, with a usage-based charging mechanism. There are additional charges for features such as recording and replaying calls, as well as the storage of recordings. In addition to our standard printed bills, you can ask for Call Detail Records that list the time, duration, destination and cost of each call. And we can give you the software tools you need to analyse your traffic and call costs too.

For more detailed information on the security (and integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes) aspects of Colt Conferencing, please request one of our comprehensive IT toolkits.