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Voice Line Disaster Recovery

Colt Disaster Recovery enables customers to protect their enterprise from the threat of disruption in the event of a natural or man-made disaster at their site by ensuring that incoming voice calls can be seamlessly and transparently rerouted to an alternative set of phone numbers at no extra cost to callers.

The service is designed to provide a rapid response contingency plan that helps ensure continuity of business operations, retaining customers, revenues and goodwill as well as maintaining regulatory compliance.

To establish a disaster recovery solution, Colt will review a customer’s enterprise from a business perspective to identify business-critical teams and dependencies. We will then help customers set up and test a customised disaster recovery plan that can be quickly implemented if there is a disaster at a customer site.

The Disaster Recovery service is available to new and existing Colt Voice Line customers who have at least 30 Primary Rate ISDN (PRI) channels carrying inbound calls.

For more information please contact your Account Manager who will assess your security needs for your organisation.


Business continuity

Creating a disaster recovery plan that is quick and easy to implement will help to keep a customer’s business running during times of crisis, and give peace of mind against potential loss of revenue, customers and goodwill. Callers will not even be aware that their calls have been diverted.


The disaster recovery plan will be set up according to the specific requirements of the customer’s enterprise that Colt consultants will help identify. The destination diverts in the plan can be geographic or mobile numbers, each of which can receive calls diverted from multiple numbers.

Speed and simplicity

If an emergency occurs at the customer’s site, activation of the disaster recovery plan is fast, simple and secure. Following a call from a nominated contact, we will activate the plan remotely with no need for engineers to visit the customer’s site. After the original site is back up and running, deactivation of the disaster recovery plan can be carried out just as quickly.


Colt is on hand to update a disaster recovery plan at any time with new details provided by the customer to ensure the plan reflects any changes to phone numbers or contact details. And because the diverts contained in the plan are stored within the network, there is no risk of inaccurate manual intervention when the plan is invoked.